Babybrains Workshops

My curiosity as a scientist continues to accompany me in the discovery of the wonders of nature, our bodies, and our brains. This curiosity led me, in 2020, to become certified as a Babybrains® trainer. What is it about? Babybrains® is a neuroscience program approved by the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University, which brings neuroscience into the homes of families, providing scientific but also highly practical information about how children's brains work.. Babybrains® bridges the gap between science and parental intuition, placing the child with their specific and unique needs and characteristics at the center.

ou may say, "Interesting, but what can I do with it?" Well, if I know how children's brains work, I can face the many doubts and challenges of daily life with many more tools and awareness. The early years of our children's lives are full and beautiful but also challenging in many ways. Having a wealth of information about how their expanding brains function can make the challenges more bearable and our frustrations less bothersome. Science confirms that we can disregard all the hearsay about spoiling our children and instead follow our instincts because every soothed cry and met need correspond to a building block of development for that marvelous organ, the brain.
The workshops are primarily designed for parents of children aged 0 to 4, during which the brain undergoes incredible development. However, they also provide useful information for older children. The workshop topics include:

  •  "What will my child remember from their infancy?" Good Habits & memory
  •  "Why does my child provoke me?" Manipulations & theory of mind
  •  "Why does my child follow me even to the bathroom?" Separation anxiety & object permanence
  •  "Learning to truly speak" Language & bilingualism
  • "Rewards and punishments?" Motivation & discipline
  •  "What does my child need to become independent?" Attachment & indipendence

Babybrains® workshops can be conducted in groups or can also be individually booked at a preferred time. Contact me for more information!