About me

At least for my website, I have decided to describe myself starting from the gut, putting down the things I feel characterize and identify me, those that make me who I am. Without literary frills but with carefully chosen words. Those who read with attention will understand, those who don't want to understand won't, as it always happens in any field. After all, how can one tell their story in a few lines and explain the peculiarities of a human being with its myriad facets?

The first thing I want to say is that I was born and raised in the mountains, and there I spent the first 20 years of my life, with dynamics very different from those experienced in the city or countryside. Mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and especially snow are part of me, my essence, my firmly rooted roots, and they make me feel tremendously good, they make me feel at home and protected. A truly beautiful and unique sensation. Nature and its workings have always intrigued me, and to study them, I moved to the sea, to Trieste, where I relocated to pursue a degree in biology and where I have remained to live.

Always determined to become a mother, at some point, Anna and Giovanni arrived, who transformed my days and routines, but above all, they made me discover parts of myself that I had never seen before and were well hidden, demanding great attention from me. My experiences of motherhood, both those that brought my children into my arms and those that left me with children only in my heart, have been the starting point for a deep transformative journey for which no one had prepared me, and thus unexpected. I have explored territories I knew but had partly forgotten: the land of slowness, the realm of exhaustion, the moor of absolute love, the island of the maternal, the landscape of loss, the territory of the feminine, and many others.
Step by step, in this physical and virtual journey, I have recognized the value of having women by my side who welcomed me, listened to me, and did not judge me; women who accompanied me in looking at what was happening from a different perspective and allowed me to reconnect and reconcile with the essence of the feminine and the maternal, to recognize the power that a circle of women can generate, and to understand how acceptance can be an added value in a world where everyone feels free to tell mothers what they should do and then judge them, regardless of what they do.
Following this transformative journey, I decided to support other women and all families during their most intimate moments: pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, but also in loss, where the solitude of parents can be even more deafening. I attended the Mondo Doula school in 2014 and in 2017 I also became a prenatal and neonatal educator at the University of Padua; as a biologist, I delved into the study of the physiological processes of pregnancy, birth, and female cyclicality, and in 2020, I also became a certified Babybrains® trainer.

I accompany and support families with delicacy, listening, empathy, and professionalism, creating safe spaces where their stories can find a voice.
Despite having profound spirituality, I am also an extremely practical person and navigate easily through daily tasks; I really enjoy cooking and often do it for my clients: omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans. I speak English fluently and manage with Spanish.
So, this is who I am, but I am also... 

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Photo: Martina Effe Fotografie