Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum Doula

From the moment of conception - and sometimes even when one starts the journey to conceive - motherhood entails a profound transformation, in which it is not always easy to navigate and find points of reference compared to what was there before.

A doula is a non-medical but social figure who accompanies women and families through the changes that motherhood brings, helping them explore the emotions and situations they experience from different and unexpected perspectives. I assist in finding information and help recognize their own parenting and maternal skills so that families can make informed decisions, and all those involved can feel empowered in their own experience. Although several scientific studies confirm that doulas also bring medical benefits to their clients (such as a lower number of cesarean sections and operative births, for example), what I like to emphasize is that approaching motherhood in a certain way allows women to build tools for having a positive birth experience regardless of the actual outcome.

As a doula I lighten the load, comfort, bring fresh air and deeply nourish. It allows women to feel that they are making decisions about their own experience and collects their stories of strength and vulnerability, listening and accepting without judgment. It serves as a center during moments of disorientation and celebrates the everyday successes that, in the eyes of the world, may be seen as natural and expected maternal gestures. Through doula support, a mother and a family feel affectionately supported, held in their emotions that can be difficult to understand, and accompanied through their deepest changes.

The support of a doula is particularly useful in the postpartum period, a time marked by ountless new actions compressed into an immensely expanded timeframe where the equilibrium is completely destabilized and the priority should be the maternal and family well-being, guiding us through what is happening.

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I work as a professional doula of the Professional Association of Mondo Doula, membership number 263.

Associazione professionale di Mondo Doula
Federica Tamburlini – Tessera n°263