C-Section Package

In Italy, one-third of pregnancies - perhaps even a little more - end in a cesarean birth and despite this, cesarean births are rarely discussed, very rarely. I'm not sure exactly why this happens: not wanting to scare future mothers, not wanting to acknowledge a problem with childbirth management in Italy, thinking that it won't happen to us. But this means that women have minimal knowledge about this event beneath the surface, and if it happens to them, they often find themselves unprepared to face it.

The prevalence of this procedure makes it seem like something simple, something that is easily dealt with, like an appendectomy, something that some even recommend to avoid the prolonged suffering of labor. And let's be honest, for surgeons, cesarean section has become a routine procedure: they perform so many of them, and certainly, practice is not lacking. However, for every mother, that is not just a procedure but a birth, the moment when her baby, her child, or her children are coming into the world: a sacred moment. And it is precisely this significant difference that often leaves us emotionally unpreparedfor the cesarean birth: feeling that something did not go as expected, feeling incomplete and incapable because our bodies did not function as they should have (because that's what we're told), feeling guilty for not ensuring a "good birth, feeling deprived of a powerful and primal experience like childbirth, feeling wounded and struggling with all the pieces of ourselves to navigate the transformation into motherhood. And this, of course, can lead to a somewhat challenging start, a postpartum period that is emotionally and practically difficult to manage due to the aftermath of the surgery.

As a doula specializing in cesarean birth, I can provide support in finding order, discovering beauty, and starting off on the right foot. And if a woman knows during pregnancy that she will have to undergo a cesarean birth for some medical reason - because some cesareans are truly necessary and lifesaving! - she can prepare in advance so that her birth can still be a positive experience by reflecting on her expectations, desires, and needs.

I also provide support for the rebonding ritual, a gift of love after an unexpected birth, meaning a birth that unfolded differently than we expected. If you feel that something is missing or that you wanted something different regarding the first meeting with your baby, know that it is possible to regain so much and in a very simple way.

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