Bereavement Doula

Any family and any woman who experiences a prenatal loss knows very well that statistics show that 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in a miscarriage within the first 10 weeks of gestation. And they know this because in most cases they will search for information on the internet, not feeling free to talk about it with anyone as they would like.

Despite the fact that pregnancy loss is rarely discussed and usually in a quite superficial manner, miscarriages are widespread, and many women and families have to go through this event in their lives, sometimes more than once. In our society, where we try to forget about death, we always attempt to minimize the shadowy aspects that such a loss brings, but we try to find a positive side to make it more acceptable. "At least you know you can get pregnant," "At least it happened early on, and you weren't too attached," "You're young, you can have another one." How many times have we heard or maybe even said these phrases? How many times have we heard the pain of a woman whose story we know nothing about being downplayed? Women need to talk about what happened to them, to recount the facts and delve into their emotions; they need to traverse the painful and uncharted territory of loss in their own time and in their own way, and then emerge from it not healed, but transformed.And even though no one can help them on their personal journey, a doula can accompany them and make the journey less daunting and less "rough around the edges".


In addition to early miscarriages, which as we have seen are quite common, there are also late-term miscarriages and losses that occur towards the end of pregnancy or in the early days of life. In these cases, it would be even more crucial for there to be gentle and empathetic support to care for the family, their broken hearts, and their empty arms.

Personally, I believe it is necessary for our society to approach this issue seriously, and as a professional, I hold it dear to my heart, to allow every woman to process what has happened and incorporate her loss into the new version of herself.

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